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Jobs Opening

General Manager - Legal & Liaison

Role - Risk Management Reporting to -Chairman
Department -Legal  
Purpose - To mitigate the risks from legal and liaison perspective - arising from any of the organization activities - primarily related to the Real Estate Development and Construction activities.
To protect the organization assets from legal charges and implications

Task Performed

  1. Handling all Legal and Liaison activities involved in Land Acquisition, Conveyance, Development, Redevelopment, Construction, Purchase and Sale of Properties in any form and varying level of complexities
  2. Preparation of legal documents related to above activities such as:
    Development Agreement, Conveyance Deed, Agreement for Sale, Leave & License Agreement, Service Agreements, Power of Attorney, Partnership Deed, Release Deed, Confirmation Deed, Exchange Deed, Supplementary Agreements, Rectification Deed, Modification Deed, Cancellation Deed, Partition Deed,
  3. Gift Deed, Will, MOU, Consent Terms, Affidavits, Facilitation Agreement, Etc.
  4. Managing Adjudication, Stamp Duty & Registration process
  5. Preparation of documents and correspondences related to Liaison activities for seeking approvals, NOCs, Order, etc.
  6. Ensure compliances to all applicable acts and regulations related to Real Estate development and construction activities
  7. Liaison with government bodies such as MCGM, SRA and seek timely approvals such as IOD/IOA, Commencement Certificate, etc.
  8. Managing Title Search and Due diligence process for land, property or any other acquisitions.
  9. Establishing systems, processes and standards for all legal related activities, including setting up repository of documents, procedures, templates, clause library, checklists, etc.
  10. Hand-holding, Managing and mentoring the legal team to perform their best
  11. Ensuring timely redressal of complaints, queries or issues related to legal and liaison activities
  12. Coordinate, track, monitor and manage activities related to litigations.
  • Knowledge Required:
    – Thorough understanding of Acts and Regulation related to Real Estate Development and Construction activities, including RERA, MOFA, DCR, Rent Control Act, Stamp Duty Act, etc.
  • Skills Required:
    – Very strong in Legal Drafting
    – Risk Management skills
    – Strong Negotiation and Communication Skills
    – People Management (Inter-personal relationship)
  • Experience Required:
    – Core experience of over 5 years in Real Estate Development and Construction Activities – handing Legal and Liaison area

Company Secretary

Reporting to - Head – Legal & Secretarial Reported by -NA
Purpose - To ensure good Corporate Governance in Organization by ensuring timely fulfillment of Compliance under the Company Act, SEBI, BSE/NSE as per Listing Agreement, Labour Laws.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Timely filing of Quarterly returns for Listed Companies as per the compliance requirements
  2. Timely filing of Annual returns for Non-listed Companies as per the compliance requirements
  3. Addressing the non-compliances issues identified by statutory audit and taking corrective actions
  4. Establish the system to ensure that all non-compliance issues are eliminated
  5. Update the Companies Acts relevant to the Organization.
  6. Fulfilling the requirements related to acquisition, mergers, demergers, etc.

Key Activities

  1. Establishing standard practices for CS role
  2. Initiating and preparation for Board meetings.
  3. Organizing and coordinating Board meetings.
  4. Preparation of Minutes of meetings, Board Resolutions.
  5. Ensuring meticulous record keeping as per the statutory requirements.
  6. Coordinating with the Finance team for Financial reports.
  7. Ensuring timely filing of Statutory Returns.
  8. Coordinating with the Share Registry Coordinating with the Web Services provider for publishing the reports.
  9. Coordinating with consultants and internal departments to ensure fulfillment of all the requirements including stamp duty, registration, notarization, etc.
  10. Ensure overall compliance with Companies Act, 2013, Rules there under, Secretarial Standards and Articles of Association, as applicable.
  11. Ensure timely Regulatory and Statutory filings with SEBI/Stock Exchanges/Registrar of Companies (ROC) and other authorities
  12. Responsibilities to comply with all applicable Acts, Laws, Rules, and Regulations for the purpose of Secretarial Audit and issuance of the various certificate as company secretary.
  13. Custodian of company statutory registers, minutes books and other important records maintained under Companies Act 2013 or Articles of Association
  14. Secretarial Audit and issuance of the various certificate as company secretary.
  15. Preparation of Notice, Agenda and complying with the provisions of Board Meetings, Committee meetings and circulating them on time
  16. Preparation of Annual Filing related Documents including Board Report and Annual Return as per Companies Act, 2013.
  17. Should have knowledge of Satisfaction/Creation of Charges, Merger of Companies, Incorporation of Company, Dissolution of firms etc., IPR, drafting & vetting of agreements.
  18. Review compliance certificates received from all functional heads and put up non compliances, if any to CEO/Director

Qualification: C.S

  • Knowledge Required:
    1. Thorough understanding of the Company Law
    2. Understanding the requirements of the SEBI and other regulatory issues and compliances
  • Skills Required:
    1. Organization skills
    2. Coordination skills
    3. Moderation skills
  • Experience Required:
    1. 0-2 years of experience.

Pre Sales Executive

Integrated Spaces Limited is looking for Pre Sales Executive
Key Activities to perform:

  • Handling inbound calls and making outbound calls.
  • Handling all marketing and pre-sales enquiries.
  • Meeting daily targets and keeping a record of data in the system.
  • Responsible for specific targets for outbound calls and site visits.
  • Generate Site Visits and co-ordinate with sales team for follow-ups and closures.
  • Apart from Pre-sales, this role would contribute in day today activities of Sales & Marketing.

Tenure: Full-time
Location: Ghatkopar / Virtual (as may be mutually agreed).
For any queries, drop an email on [email protected]

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