21 February 2019


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How technology will transform the Real Estate sector in 2019

The Question is How technology will transform the Real Estate sector in 2019 ? Real estate companies in India are evolving with the times, and they are all adopting modern technologies in order to grow and enhance their businesses. These practices they adopt can be from a large array of possibilities and can be matched together in order to provide the best possible investment experiences.


1. There are technologies that initiate property discovery such as:
digital ads,
– map based locations to guide potential buyers,
– amenities based searches
These also help those looking for property find exactly what it is they are looking for. These technologies make it a lot simpler for buyers to find what it is they are looking for and help narrow down the options.


2. There are technologies that Real Estate Developers in India have implemented in order to help these potential buyers fulfill their demand for property. Some payment aspects where in technology is playing a huge role are:
– Payments are always the biggest party of any real estate investment and bringing ease to this process is one of the perks in the future of real estate technology.
– There are various dynamic pricing models to give you options to choose from, while online credit scores make the verification processes umpteen times simpler.
– EMI services are a great boon as they allow investors to spread out their payments which ensures that a large sum of money need not be available for a one-time payment. An EMI will ease the financial burden while online token payment facilities for property booking makes you have an easy experience.
-How technology will transform real estate sector is already evident, but the number of ways in which this is possible maybe a surprise to you. In India when new construction projects are taken on, it is often the case that construction technology.


3. There are many new high rising buildings in residential and commercial spheres, these have all been created with the use of construction technology. There are many factors that go into the construction of high-rise buildings which construction technology has made possible like:
– maintaining appropriate temperature in different seasons and
– making sure of the vertical alignment of towers via GPS positioning.


4. The buying experience is also better off after the introduction of real estate technology. They allow for so many virtual spheres to be created. The importance of technology in real estate can be demonstrated if you ask a buyer who has just left a presentation where he was taken for a virtual tour of the property. The area can be designed and programmed to be accompanied by virtual reality glasses for the buyer to stroll around the yet to be completed property so they can actually experience their new home or office as it would be in real life. This was never possible before
and is a real step forward in the real estate sector. This is not all, those boring animated photographs they used to show before the property was launched can also now be replaced by 3D models. This provides a nice birds eye view of the layout and better understanding of the property.


So, how will technology impact real estate? It will be in a positive manner and some of these results are already here in front of us right now. Technology is changing most industries, and in order to thrive, businesses need to embrace the changing methods in order to make the most of their potential.

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