06 October 2018


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Buying a ready to move in House is Better

Buying your own house in the city of dreams, Mumbai is something everybody yearns for. So, when it’s time to turn this dream into a reality, we are a bit perplexed whether to buy an under construction or a ready to move in property. So, here’s the answer!

Firstly, it is very essential to realize that both the types of houses are meant to serve you differently. Therefore, in order to buy the one that suits you the best, you must make an analysis of your requirements. The biggest drawback of buying an under construction property is that you’ll suffer the delay in possession. On the contrary, a ready to move in-house offers spontaneous possession. So, buying a ready to move in-house is a better option.

Apart from this, there are various advantages of buying ready to move in-house. These are as follows:


1.      Getting what you pay for

When it comes to buying an under construction property, you can never be sure of getting exactly the same amenities or layout that you saw on the paper. The benefits of buying ready to move in house include the fact that you get everything as promised. You can come and invigilate the house at a suitable time fixed by the seller and it’ll take no time for you to take the keys in your hands.

2.      No waiting

It is quite a known fact that in case of under construction property, the builder makes delays in handing over the property to the seller. It might be due to the rise in the cost of the construction materials or may be due to other financial issues. Therefore, it is always better to hire a builder with a good reputation in the market. On the contrary, the ready possession flats in Mumbai offer a less time-consuming process. The houses are readily available. They are already constructed or in the final stages of construction, so you can get the possession immediately.  Therefore, you never have to wait for anything. Just make the payments, finish the paperwork and you’re ready to settle in. This is quite an effective way of saving on extra payments of the rent as well as the EMI’s.

3.      Zero GST

The financial benefit of investing in a ready house is that your purchase is free from GST. Hence, adding up to the advantages of ready to move in property. Whereas, in the case of an under construction property, you are bound to pay a 12% tax.

4.      Pocket-friendly

At first glance, new ready to move flats in Mumbai may sound way more costlier than an under construction property. However, they are economical in the long-run. Since their possession is available immediately, they save your money that may be spent on rent. If you buy the ready to move in house from good builders, then the house is equipped with lucrative amenities and top-class construction material. Thus, it requires less maintenance and it is a wise investment in the long run.


Final Words

Both ready to move in and under construction property have their pros and cons and both solve different purposes. However, it is a wise move to invest on ready to move in property as you can enter your house immediately and enjoy all its other benefits.

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